For Those Who Have/Had a Heart

What is original anymore??? 

I see to many things that are just remakes of something once popular. 

Round 2

I still don’t really know what I am suppose to be doing with this thing. Here lately I just wonder why everybody has this stereotype as to what a relationship is suppose to be like. 

What right do we have to tell others how their bf should treat them or what someone should do to make their gf smile. I mean of course there are exceptions like if there is physical abuse but I’m so sick of everyone telling me that I don’t do enough for my girl.

What do yall think? 

Something new


So I don’t really know how this goes but I’m posting for those who have a heart. Maybe you don’t have a heart. Maybe it has been taken from you, stolen or ripped into tiny bits to be honest as much as I care I will never under stand, you know that I know that so lets move on. If you lost your heart and you still car you are welcome. If you don’t  then just leave now before I give you a reason to.

I don’t know what life is for or what I want out of it all I know is that life is worth living and that without it our existence is pointless. So tell me what do you live for? Do you live for friends, family, lovers, saints, to make a difference, to not just fade away. Tell me.

This is my first post so I will leave it as a question. Tell me, what to you want form this life that is pointless without death? What do you wish to find in an existence that is pointless outside of your own existence? I’m not saying cut is short I’m saying know what it is and make the best of it. So tell me if you like

Life if beautiful and irreplaceable no matter how empty and cold it was the the holder so… don’t be selfish.